So it’s that time of year again and even though it’s getting cold and the days are getting shorter, we have Christmas to look forward to. To be honest the children are waiting anxiously for Santa and their presents, but our bank accounts have already started crying for help. Mine has anyway! If taking into consideration that I have 11 years of Christmas decorations stored in the basement of my house (all of my married life) and that I add to them every year, like most people do, it would have been quite logical for me to just take them out and maybe add one or two more things to an existing branch that fits nothing else on. But no, this year I was struck with another idea, and one which certainly wasn’t economical.

I have lived with fresh flowers in my home for most of my adult life. Having in laws that have a family business growing flowers it would seem strange not to ever find them in vases in different areas of my home. My mother in law would bring dozens of freshly cut flowers weekly in bulk for me to enjoy, scatter and decorate my house with – my friends and family would also benefit too for that matter.Thinking back to my wedding day, the sky was the limit in quantity, not so much in variety because locally grown flowers were my only option but being a young bride and an obedient, sweet daughter-in-law I didn’t demand anything other than what I was told I could have, apart from my bouquet which was lily of the valley, my favourite flower. Anyway, fresh eucalyptus, white roses and lilies filled the church and ballroom transporting whoever was there to a paradisiacal garden that will remain in my memory forever. Quite exquisite.

Books transform you elsewhere. When a reader tells you about a good book they have read, they immediately become passionate and end up talking about far more than just the book. Books are a magical form of escapism that can satisfy everybody if given the chance.

Used in many ways, books can also be used for interior purposes. Known as table books, they always add a touch of style and sophistication to a space. Pinterest - home décor envy is a perfect place to picture what I mean! Normally found in the living room with full page graphics, your choice of book /books should be displayed in a prominent way capturing your interests for your own satisfaction. I believe they are one of two items you can never have enough of. Candles are my other favourite interior décor, let's leave that for another WMC article.

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