Too many cooks spoil the broth was confirmed as a myth on Sunday. My mission was accomplished! But try picturing four generations, an Italian guest (now member of the family), mum’s kitchen and ‘supposedly’ one task!My mum was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She insisted we come back on another day but she was over ruled, I wanted to make ‘Kourapiedes’ (Greek sugar coated Christmas cookies) after our family lunch. I refused to leave it for another day because I liked the idea of us all being huddled together, including Amadeo, and finding time in the run up to Christmas is almost impossible.

The combination of cook, dine, drink is what adds to the ultimate girls’ nights. I don’t think there is anything better than a bunch of close girlfriends getting together, drinking (because I’m known to be a heavy drinker- NOT) and having fun.I tend to leave the weekends for hubby and family obligations but during the week I crave seeing my girlfriends. Whether dressed casually for a light bite or making more of an effort for some quality dining, I absolutely long for these nights. It’s also the anticipation that adds to the excitement. Knowing after an intense day, you are going to unwind, giggle, catch up and enjoy yourself with your nearest and dearest is priceless.

Water has always been at the top of my list. It is my ultimate thirst quencher and the only drink I can gulp down and thoroughly enjoy.  Knowing the benefits of it just makes me want to drink more of it, ok, until I hear it gurgling in my tummy and that’s when I know to stop!One of the reasons why women in their later years look so good, is because they are compulsive water drinkers (leaving aside the facial injectables). Being in my 30’s I know that one of the ways of eliminating those ‘lovely’ fine lines which we want to embrace but have difficulty in doing so, is by drinking water, well that’s what I say to myself anyway. I do believe it is true as it keeps us moist and elasticated. We mustn’t forget that water is our body’s source of life so being hydrated only improves our health and wellbeing and naturally flushes those toxins from our system. However, if you are not a water drinker, slices of fresh/dried fruit, vegetables and or herbs stirred into a vase of freezing cold water is something worth trying. It might just do the trick in making water interesting for those taste buds.

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